DOT Physicals in El Paso, TX

DOT Physicals in El Paso, TX

CDT Wellness now offers DOT physicals

If you've begun working in commercial transportation and are in need of a DOT physical, you don't want to wait for an expensive doctor's appointment. Our facility is now offering fast and affordable DOT physicals in the El Paso area. If you are located in Mexico and would like more information about the service, please call (656) 367-0054.

What Does A DOT Physical Consist Of?

The DOT physical will include a health history review of the driver by a certified medical examiner (CME). The CME will also check the driver's vital signs and perform a thorough examination, evaluating a number of health-related categories, such as:

General appearance
Lungs and chest
Eyes and ears
Nervous System
Back and Spine

Upon exam completion, the CME will report the results to the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners (NRCME). Certified drivers will receive a copy of the medical examiner's certificate (MEC), or DOT medical card.

Give us a call at (915) 532-4648 to learn more about our convenient DOT physical services.

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